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Strategic Energy Healing with The Emotion Code

Heart of Utopia was created to help you RADIATE Utopia in your heart, health, & human connection by clearing negative energy blocks. Which, in turn allows your soul to heal itself.  It's simple, effective, safe, and fun.

Results may include more love, gratitude, joy, peace, hope, mindfulness, balance, better and happier vibes, and success in your life.

I am Stacy Roush, ECEP, and Certified Spiritual Life Coach, who from my own life experiences found how to create healing in myself and others with The Emotion Code and Spiritual Coaching Practices. 
I love helping others by connecting to the subconscious, clearing negative energies that do not serve a good purpose, allowing healing, and helping one find the most precious gifts hidden in life’s hardest challenges.

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I LOVE clearing trapped emotions and seeing the results that follow. 


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