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About Me

Stacy Roush

Hi, I’m Stacy Roush and I am so excited to connect with you. I offer to help you manifest a happier and healthier life. Currently, and for the past 26 years, I’ve worked as a health, wellness, and business consultant with one of the top wellness companies in the world.  For over 20 years I have been an Executive and in the top 1% of income earners in that company.  And I love it, as helping people feel better in their skin, gut and pocketbooks brings me great joy, but I knew I wanted to and COULD do MORE by helping others at a deeper level with energies in their heart and soul.


After years of experiencing my own normal life traumas, death of loved ones, betrayal, divorce, health issues, burn out, character defamation, cross country move, single mom stress, Executive stress that comes with entrepreneurship, and being sole provider of 3 kids; while trying to be responsible, gain understanding, provide, grow and still maintain my sanity...I was sick, burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed and hopeless.


From my Mid 30's to 40's, I did everything I knew to regain my health; I hired professional counselors, a psychiatrist, took anxiety medications, sleep aids and even did EMDR therapy for PTSD. I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find my bliss again. I had gone from survival mode to self-preservation mode to looking for escapes to numb the heartaches. I had built a beautiful business pouring my energy into helping others, and being the best single mom I could be, continually reading hundreds of self-help, faith based and spirituality books, which all left me hopeful, but still unhealed and hurting. 


One day my doctor and counselor of almost a decade told me about The Emotion Code. I was beyond skeptical, but after a few experiences with her, I was in awe.  I didn’t have to talk about my past painful experiences, revisit or share memories I wanted to forget. It was simpler than my EMDR experiences, and I felt that Emotion Code was much more effective.  The accuracy was fascinating to me! Within 24-72 hours of my appointments, I would feel and see life changing results. By watching her, I learned how to do it to myself, and I was a natural. With permission, I would work on our family and close friends. Of which, everyone was shocked and loved the results. Soon all three of my sons became fans of energy healing.


I wanted and felt that I needed to become professionally trained.  In 2022, I became certified as an Emotion Code Energy Practitioner. I love to help people to heal their energy. Many times it results in increased health in their physical body as well.

This is the kind of calling where it’s not by the hour. The process of clearing is an energetic exchange. Not only do I do the skill of clearing the trapped emotion, but I take time to ground myself; I choose to keep my own energy field clear as possible, I choose to spend time meditating and connecting in nature, I choose  to eat high vibrational foods like greens & veggies to maintain peace and the ability to connect spirit and clients, and I choose to stay accountable with my mentors and healers to make sure I am in a responsible place to be working in someone’s energy field.


I do not take the responsibility lightly, I feel that it is a tremendous honor and privilege to be helping people to heal themselves at a soul level.

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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