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Emotion Code - 5 Sessions (30% OFF)

The Emotion Code is the simplest way to rid the body of negative energies.

  • 30 minutes
  • 500 US dollars
  • Virtually via Zoom, Facetime, Phone or Messenger

Service Description

Everything is energy! The universe is made of energy, from your thoughts, to your words, to your body. Beyond our cells and atoms, we are energy, vibrating at specific frequencies. When we experience events in our life, many times we can feel negative emotions/energies, and those energies become trapped if we are unable to process them. When they become trapped we may that emotion repeatedly in different situations, as energy attracts like energy. This can cause us to have repeated unhealthy patterns in our lives. These negative emotions eventually cause us to build a wall around our hearts, which can keep us from finding our mission, feeling love and connection, giving love, and it can prevent us from having abundance and success. And over time too many trapped energies and the energies making the heart wall can actually manifest in our bodies as inflammation, weight challenges, and even diseases and can lead to death. The phrase, "He died of a broken heart.." is actually possible. But when negative trapped emotions are cleared, the soul then is able to heal the body. Often resulting is happiness, health and increased connection and success. * Booking this will only schedule your first session. The rest of your bookings will be scheduled after the first session.

Cancellation Policy

Please kindly contact me if you need to reschedule.

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